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HCG, A hormone for Weight Loss?

What is HCG and does it work for weight loss? It’s a hormone and yes it does!

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG is the hormone found naturally in pregnancy. HCG is what triggers a pregnancy test to come out positive. During times of famine HCG helps the pregnant mother use her fat for energy and not feel hungry. It’s a survival mechanism. Our bodies are so amazing.

In the 1960’s Dr. Simeon discovered this and began giving small doses of HCG to men and women and recreating a period of “famine” to see how our bodies responded. Patients ate a restricted diet and received most of their calories from their own body fat. Turns out they lost significant weight and didn’t suffer from extreme hunger. They also didn’t gain it back when they resumed a normal diet. Dr. Simeon developed a 40 day plan incorporating HCG along with certain foods. Real foods; fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

This 40 day HCG program is still being used today almost 60 years later with great results. I personally have been treating patients with it for over 10 years and see amazing transformations. The average weight loss in a 40 day cycle is 26 pounds. 26 pounds!? Yes. It seems crazy, but it’s the closest thing I have to magic to help patients lose weight. It’s especially great for people that feel frustrated and nothing is working. It does require a commitment. For those 40 days you can’t drink alcohol and you have to stay the course of the foods, but the amazing thing is the results. On HCG you will lose weight every day and that makes all the effort worth it. If you are struggling to get weight off HCG is a great option.

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