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What's in your Cart.


A little while back an acquaintance of mine posted a picture on FB of herself in a grocery store checkout line. There was her great smiling face and yes she is quite a bit overweight, but what really caught my eye was her grocery cart!

It was full to the top, and when I looked closely, I realized what a difference her cart was and the cart I push around. She had bags of chips, frozen pizzas, pizza pockets, soda, loaves of bread, bagels, crackers, cookies, cereals, baloney-it was crazy. Like an Eye Find game, the more I looked the more things popped out and each one just as awful, unhealthy/injurious/detrimental as the next.

In her cart was her family shopping for the week: processed, preserved, packaged, food coloring added, nutrition-lacking items. Things that shouldn’t really be labelled as food--and that’s the point.

What’s in your cart?

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you been complaining of feeling run down, depressed, sluggish, dragging yourself through the day? Take a look at what’s in your cart.

We have our routines and as a weight loss specialist I encourage patients to keep their routine, but change out the items in it. Start somewhere. Evolution to a healthier life can happen overnight, but usually it’s a progression.

I’m no saint when it comes to food. I have loved and eaten each of those things my acquaintance had in her cart. Pick a few vegetables and fruits that you like and buy them on a regular basis. Even if you buy brussel sprouts and cover them in cheese it’s better than a package of mac and cheese. Move out of the cereal aisle, have a hard boiled egg or yogurt instead.

Fortunately--or unfortunately--there is a direct relationship between the things in our cart and how we feel. When you check out take a look at your own cart. Are the things you have chosen going to help you feel the best and live your best life? If not, just start with a few changes and you’ll be on your way!


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